Need to know

We guarantee that our equipment is always clean and ready for use. If you don't like it, we'll give your money back! What do you say? Let's go out on a jet ski today! It's going to be awesome!!!

Jetski Hire
We are approved by the authorities AMSA and MSV to hire Jetskis for those who do not have a boat or jetski licence.
There is a $500 fully refundable bond providing all our hire T&C are met.
Hire Fee
$200/hr for a 3 seater jetski min hire is 1 hour
Half Day Hire (4hrs)
Daily Hire (8hrs)
Fuel Surcharge
AMSA Approved Boyancy Vests
1st Jacket included, extra jackets $25 each, it is compulsory to wear a vest at all times.
We only launch at launching way boat ramp in Carrum which is a safe harbour with over 400 free carparks and free launching.
You can also collect our jetskis on trailers from our factory near Carrum
Area of Operation
Port Philip Bay between Melbourne and Portsea only
We operate under an approved SMS Safety Management System that you must read and agree upon and sign.
If you want to learn how to use a jetski safely our AMSA approved tour guide instructor can be on board $50/hr.
Lisa 0432223415 or Paul 0458444664
Must be paid for in advance, bookings are recommended so you don’t miss out.
Amsa Certificate Of Operation Coo-43098-001 Hire And Drive In 4d 4e, Unique Identifier 458746
Illegal Jetski Hires
We recommend that you check if your jetski is legal and have a Certificate of Operation and UVI unique vessel identifier which is 6 numbers and no letters. Consequences include seizure of Jetski by police or MSV and loss of licence and huge fines.
We recommend that you check the weather as our SMS means we cannot hire jetski when wind exceeds 25kts, large waves or whitecaps.
Fleet Fun
Our fleet includes a combination of Seadoos and Yamaha. Please note we are a safety based organisation and all skis have hire skis programmed which are speed limited. Our skis are designed for fun not speed for your safety. We have full maintance records and regular services as per SMS.